Restart the engines

Here we are. We just entered a brand new year after some nice Christmas holidays. The year behind was quite a challenging one: the eurozone started its decline (hopefully not for a long period), the Arab (Spring) revolutions installed "democracies" in different countries, the US soldiers left Iraq, the former german Interior Minister, zu Guttenberg was discovered as a cheater with his Ph.D. thesis, the last communist leader in North Korea died, Japan was hit by a deadly tsunami and earthquake, and many others things have happened last year...

I hope the year 2012 will bring more joy, democracies and economical stability. Of course this year will be the end of some political careers too [...].

I wish you all the best for this brand new year, a lot of fun, achievements, kids, joy, happiness, ... and all you can think of but in order to get all this, right now it is time to restart the engines.


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