Confusing rhetoric

I am a bit confused and I can not understand the high quality populist speech of PM Orban. He was completely against the IMF loan, he claimed they will not modify/rewrite any law and recently something changed radically. "We are ready to consult on all issues" he declared for Wall Street Journal earlier this week.

In my reading this is similar to something like "complete surrender" as he would call it, because he claims he and his government is in war with the complete EU administration and monetary institutions. I am wondering how he will explain this one to his supporters who cheered for him a few weeks earlier and against the IMF. The Economist calls it a "back down" and it is quite realistic.

Were they aware that their "great leader" will capitulate? I do not think so, and now probably they are disappointed. So, I think we have seen the power of V. O. He can speak but once he should do something he is not capable anymore and he surrenders to Brussels. He is a great patriot [only at rhetoric level].


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