The Sandor Palota is the residence of the current president of Hungary [Dr.] Pal Schmitt. Due some recent document published at, the Ph.D. submitted by the president seems to be mainly just a translation of a work written by some Bulgarian diplomat Nyikolaj Georgijev, entitled "Analyse du programme olympique" without mentioning in particular the reference of the incriminated parts, though the work is mentioned as reference in the thesis.

The original work is written in french, however the similarity encountered in the hungarian version -submitted by Pal Schmitt-, is obvious. It is kind of a word-by-word translation of the original one. Please refer to the document to compare the original text with the translated one. Basic french and hungarian knowledge is sufficient to spot the obvious.

I hope soon (!) there will be some press conference to confirm or infirm this news, but unfortunately I have the bad feeling that the zu Guttenberg effect just reached the current hungarian president. If there is a confirmation of the plagiarism, definitely the Ph.D. title should be redrawn immediately, and I think the resignation letter should be written.

P.S. He might compete with the former german Federal Minister of Defence, in order to see who was detected first or who committed more plagiarism.

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