Is the Evil exterminated?

It seems Osama bin Laden, the public enemy number one is gone, killed by some Navy SEALs in Abbottabad, Pakistan. President Obama was quit happy announcing the death of bin Laden, however, the PR around this counter intelligence operation is quite shaky. Some pictures from the White House's Situation Room were released where high officials were looking online how some people are killed. It is not appropriate to do so. However, there is no strong evidence about the identity of the killed person. All the evidences (photos, DNA, etc) can be faked, no doubt about this.

Ok. One guy has been killed savagely, his body was buried in the sea, so what? Hopefully nobody is that naive to think there will be no more terrorism. It was just a person with a name considered by the world as the Evil. Probably it was stupid from the US Administration to kill the only guy with a name. Behind that name there are hundreds and thousand, noname persons which can do exactly the same. At that time who should be blamed? There are no more names ...

Ps. I have a guess! Soon a new name, a new public enemy will be born from nothing. If there is no name we will create one.


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