France says "Stop immigration"

Claude Gueant the French Interior minister just mentioned today in the Le Parisien, France "doesn't need masons and restaurants waiters" as he claims the country has internal "resources". Honestly it is quite a hars statement from the French Government as we know, France depends economically on the immigrants.

There is a legal issue here. Each european country wants good quality, highly educated people but they do not want the rest. However, the society is composed by many layers and you can not select people like animals. You should deal with the hole society either you like it or not. Look the case of Canada or Australia. You can not enter the country once you do not fulfill some criteria. However, such regulation will be hard to be introduced here in Europe.

One thing is sure. One big challenge of the EU beside to tackle the economical crisis hitting many countries worldwide is to sustain the internal economies and solve this issue as an inside matter, otherwise the immigration will be the challenge to deal with.

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  1. Peter Csaba said...
    As far as Australia is the Gypsys got here too. Luckily not too many :)

    And what they do? They steal from shops.

    What this recent report:

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