Based on some comments by the current opposition (USL) in Romania, tomorrow will "come the end" and a new country will be born overnight or at least some "worrisome situation" will be created as stated by Mircea Geoana. There will be nothing like this, however, those three members of the European Parliament they sent some invitations to the opening of "Representation of Szeklerland in Brussels".

Indeed, there is no such entity like Szeklerland as administrative-territorial unit recognized by law or constitution in Romania. Similarly there is no such legal entity as "Tara Motilor", "Tara Barsei" etc, however, everybody from Romania knows what those regions are.

However, as one of the organizer is the well-known Bishop Laszlo Tokes, of course one might think there is something also related to territorial autonomy asked often by Laszlo Tokes and his followers belonging to the radical representatives of the hungarians from Romania. Personally, I also think such [hidden] aspect could be retrieved in this initiative of those three EU representatives, but in order to avoid any legal act against this initiative, I would suggest the following lawful "equation":

Hargita county + Mures county + Covasna county = Szeklerland

So they can create the representation on these counties defined by law and nobody can argue anymore. Problem solved. I suggest than other micro-regions should also create such initiatives and hopefully some guys from Europe will hear about these regions and if there is no industrial growth at least some tourists will visit our country. (Please do not ask for highways because we do not have ....but I can assure you, we are really nice people!)

Ps. It might happen that some from Romania never heard about Szeklerland, but honestly I always knew that Szeklerland consist of Hargita, Mures and Covasna counties. No comment.

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  1. Marian said...
    I happen to know the situation in the region and what I can tell you now is that the Hungarians in Harghita and Covasna form indeed the majority. In Mures however, it's not the case although they claim Mures as well.
    Nevertheless, nobody in Europe wants enclaves; the Serbian example is too close for our memory. The politicians from UDMR (or RMDSZ) keep playing the same old drama with the unfair treatement of the Hungarian minority in Romania and so on.
    Just imagine the Turks from Germany keep trying to bring up the "problems" and the need for their own administrative teritory. This will never happen in Germany nor in Romania.
    The bullshit played of the so-called "politicians" (UDMR is not a party, it is an NGO) is already too much and the Romanians just had enough. However, I wonder why the Hungarians keep voting them. What do they want? A separation from Romania? This will never happen anyway. Romania is in NATO and EU not in Africa.

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