Bye Bye Schengen ....

Probably you might know, there was scheduled the extension of the Schengen agreement with two new members: Bulgaria and Romania later this year (March 2011). Even myself I wrote a short blog entry on this topic. However, this accession was stopped by the big shots in the EU: Germany and France. The reason is, these two new member states do not comply with the regulations and requirements for such membership and the high level corruption is not stopped and in some cases is even encouraged. While Romania was able to manage all the technical details, Bulgaria was not even able to meet those requirements.

Now in Romania we have a huge scandal concerning border patrols taking bribes (several thousands of euros per day) from the passengers in order let them in or out. So we want to join Schengen but we can not control not even our private borders. How could you imagine to do such thing once we became the borders of the European Union? I think we should be grateful to those nations not to kick us out for good. Somehow Romania and Bulgarian and in general the Balkan countries (even though Romania is not considered as being part of that region) can not get rid of corruption and bribes and illegal issues. Shame on us!


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