Apple vs. World

Reading the different blogs and sites either you see something pro Apple either not. The opinions are really harsh and the two camps really can not stand each other. What about the facts?

Apple is a company producing its own products like iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone and lately those impressive laptops called MacBook Air and of course the underlaying MacOS. So they do not care about the rest of the market, they do their business, they do their marketing strategy and everything is coordinated by Steve Jobs, the CEO of the company. It is really expensive but it is working incredibly. What is the deal?

To be honest, looking only for the iPhone and the MacBook product lines we can state the following. They did it first (iPhone) and nobody can do yet such thin laptop as the MacBook Air. Nobody can deny this. Nobody. The agressive marketing strategy designed with specific care and probably made by hundreds of communication and advertisement strategiests designed around Jobs has an enormous success. Definitely, the show around the MacBook Air was something totally shocking. Getting a laptop out of an envelope, ..... there is nothing to comment. It was just perfect! Simply perfect.

However, even though their products are good, the price strategy applied for the different items is more than expensive. This is something which can be their success or their failure. Until now it seems to work, but somehow it is not realistic to buy 3 "almost similar" laptops from a price of a MacBook Air. The market is free and the price is decided by the producer but something is still wrong here.

This huge price deviation is separating the users and they really hate each other. Yes, indeed their products are good, the batteries included are really resistent, some design and software solutions are really innovative but I have not seen something till now, which can not be done with other products which no not "wear" the Apple logo. Some nice laptops can be also found with HP, IBM Lenovo or Dell logo and the same for HTC phones running Android OS.

I personally think it should be not about choosing a product just because of some logo but rather on the job and the best device should be selected with respect to that. Unfortunately, this Apple brand is quite costly and in some cases people just show off with these products. I do not agree with this attitude but the choice is yours dear Reader. Buy whatever you like but try not to be "You are what you buy" (I have seen this advertisement in Japan back in 2007.)

Ps. This blog entry was typed on a MacBook Pro and the owner it is quite satisfied with this laptop, however, he still thinks the price of these Apple products is not realistic.


  1. Peter Csaba said...
    If the price is not realistic then why did you buy a Macbook Pro?
    You paid for the mac logo, but on the other hand you do not agree with those people who do the same ...
    Johann Stan said...
    Your argumentation is interesting. In my case, I decided to invest in Apple products for several reasons. First of all, I observed that people in conferences look differently at you. Take the example the moment when you need to project your slides. I always have problems with Windows or Linux. However, with the IOS, it is completely seamless. Of course, this is not sufficient to justify the fact that it is much more expensive. However, I must recognize that the iphone 4 is incredible. Do not think I am addickted to Apple. I only mean that I do not regret the investment. They certainly put their effort in the design to attrackt people. You can do basically everything on Android and Windows in much the same way as on the IOS. Yet, it is more seamless, natural and easy. I finally think, that such competition is positive. It makes innovation and technology advance. It is like political systems. The failure of a system helps improve another one.

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