A few days ago some rummors started about to hold up the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen agreement by the big shots of the EU, Germany and France. The Romanian Government sustained the fact that there will be no delay and they are ready to join the agreement as a full member in March 27.

However, yesterday some EU officials in Bruxelles made it clear: there will be no new extension in March even though the new Hungarian EU presidency at least on a word level is supporting the new candidates. I think the stupid officials and the president T.B. realized finally the complete failure. So what they did? They changed the political debate. Now it is not important anymore the delay but rather they claim not being treated as equal partner. Of course nobody is to be blamed for this failure.

Dear Romania! This country and its population will never be treated as equal partner in a high level talk in EU. Some conditions in Romania remind us the Middle Age and we do not have either the politicians neither the economical strength to be considered as [equal] partners. We joined the EU because it was inevitable. No economical conditions have been fulfilled but we are now a member state. We should accept these facts and act accordingly.


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