To do or not to do?

Nowadays we have Internet and broadband and social networks. Of course such networking facilities raise a lot of questions mainly related to privacy issues but I think once you have posted something (status, photos, thoughts) you should be aware of being public. It is like a coming out process. It is not about the network but rather about you. You WANT to be public. However, there should be a clear boarder between information and information. Unfortunately, some they can not really manage this issue and they post really private matters which can damage their life, carrier or even the life of others. This is bad and stupid.

The question is, social networks like Facebook or micro blogs like Twitter are the hype specially in US but it is getting popular also in Europe but do we need them? Are they important? We do not realize, probably 99% of the users does not, that all these networks were not really created for you and your friends but rather for something else. Can you imagine how many images are uploaded to Facebook on daily basis? Millions. In a regular day 60,000,000 twits are exchanged over the network. So what else is this than if not DATA. We give our data to them. It is that simple. We provide well annotated data for free!

I blog myself and use Facebook and I try to separate private issues from those shared trough these networks, pages, twits, etc. but I do not know the real balance between the advantages and drawbacks. Till know I had just positive impressions about all this stuff but it might happen to change my mind. You never know?!

However, think first and act afterward! It might be a good strategy.


  1. Johann Stan said...
    Indeed a good question. It is important to use the privacy settings for each shared content. Most people are not aware of this. Also, one needs to be aware of the scope and audience of each social platform. Social platforms should offer best practices in this issue. Also, a general guide of content sharing on the internet is missing.
    K. Zoltán said...
    Yes but the probleme with this is that you have to keep up with all the privacty setting since for ex facebook is changing it all over.

    And what about others ... you can't control what they are posting about you. For example if they tagged you in a picture.

    Don't understand me wrong I use these Social networks too, but I feel most people are just going with the wave and not really having a clear view on why they use it, or why they want to share something ... specially teenagers.
    K. Zoltán said...
    The problem with this is that you always have to keep up with the security settings since they are changing over and over (ex. facebook).

    Another problem is that you can never know what people share about you, just hope to react on it in time.

    Don't understand me wrong I use these social networks too but I feel most of the people (specially teenagers) are just going with the wave but don't have a clear view on why they share something.

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