Today I spent some nice time. I started the day by having lunch with some old friends and we all had the same feeling. We felt like 5 years ago when we all were students in Nancy, France. Right now, some of us are in Scotland, others are still in France while I am in Dortmund, Germany. This friendship will never end no matter where we are.

We traveled Paris south to north in order to arrive to the wedding ceremony in Asnieres sur Seine. Everything was quite nice and we had some great time. You can see the parents how happy they are for their kids. It's touching.

The food is exactly as you can remember from the past. Everybody is nice. It was really great.

However, even if I am quite home in Paris we walked to Trocadeo and we just spent some nice time at the place, looking for the Eiffel Tower. I will never get bored of this city! Paris is just like a dream.

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  1. Johann Stan said...
    Trocadero is nice, especially the view to the tower. However, I hope you followed my recommendation and visited the Saint Denis cathedral...

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