Election vs. Derby

I just came from a regular check-up early this morning but I was just amazed to see how people think. We discussed with the doc about the holidays and so on and we reached the point of this particular weekend.

I told him it will be quite an interesting one as the federal elections are going to happen this Sunday. You know, here in Germany each "region" has its own government while the federal election will elect members in the Bundestag. However, for the doctor this was nothing but he highlighted the Biggest Event of the Year here in Dortmund: the football derby Borussia Dortmund -Schalke. You can see, how people are interested here in the elections. :-)

Ps. You should also know, that Shalke is the biggest rival of Borussia Dortmund.

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  1. Johann Stan said...
    Hmm interesting, i thought it was Bayerns the biggest rival :) However I also have this impression when talking with germans that they are completely elsewhere when it is about election.

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