Writing blogs is quite popular nowadays. It is just cool, no restrictions, you can mix images, text snippets, videos, links, etc. You can do it without any hard investment. You just need a computer and an Internet access, of course some self motivation and writing skills but not necessary.

It is open for the whole Internet community, you can read it all the time and once the blog is in the system, all the research engines can have a hit on your ideas. You just write down your opinions, thoughts, feelings, etc, and everybody can interact with you trough the comments available for the readers. This is the main achievement and novelty of this type of media. Here instead of just being a simple reader of some lines, you can directly interact with the writer and develop further details if necessary. If you have your personal opinion about the lines you have read earlier, a new viewpoint, a new angle, you can go public by sharing your ideas with the writer and the community.

Such an interaction can be beneficial for both parties as a dialog is initiated between the blog owner and his/her readers. The reader can also cooperate, elaborate new ideas and became a writer on his own. It's an extended idea of the reader's column known from the newspapers. Of course there is a control handled by the blog owner but I suppose nobody will censure some ideas (good ones, different ones, etc.) coming from the reading community. This is really the democracy which can not be detected in the World right now.

Ps. Do not be afraid to write comments, ideas and interact in different blogs! Your idea is also important!


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