Indiana just voted and decided what's coming next. They want a president such as Donald Trump. Hail democracy! It is their right, and apparently "The Donald" is the best choice, at least for them it seems like. Ted Cruz is not an ideal candidate - I would never vote for him, but till today he could stand against the people's Donald. However, today as he mentioned "it appears that the path has been foreclosed".

How that happened? Simply. Rely on mainly uneducated people, and tell them what they want to hear. Donald is good, really good at that. He loves everybody, even the "evangelicals", and African Americans, and of course Latinos. And if you tell him there are Hungarians who would vote for him, he will start loving Hungarians too! He has endless love for everybody. He is like Jesus but he is from Manhattan and not Judea. And he is not a carpenter but rather a real-estate developer who became "somebody" on daddy's money.  If you can not manage on your own, at least is good to have a filthy rich father, right? However, let's not make him a pariah just because he never had to fight for anything. He is lucky. He is Donald. The Donald.

Looking his campaign and the message, it is hard to follow. He changes his position 5 times in less than 3 days jut to boost his numbers. He is not an establishment guy, but definitely is the guy who is capable to do whatever is necessary just to win some more votes. He is going to build "the Wall" and most importantly, Mexico is going to pay for that, but as in all other cases, there is no detail given. There will be jobs, affordable healthcare, love all around, deals, no NATO and deportations. It is pure heaven, just elect Donald. He is the Messiah from NYC. It is true that he "consumed" several wives -quite a republican "value" I guess, but let's not attack the poor Donald where is  vulnerable. And of course we should not mentioned the "Trump University" - a clear scam and his urge to punch somebody.

Short sentences, without [much] content, a lot of repetitions, talking in superlatives, and love all around  are the key ingredients. He is cooking based on these pretty simple ones, and people they just love it. It is like a burger. It is greasy, it is unhealthy, no real taste and style but definitely juicy! It is easy to chew, no thinking is necessary, meanwhile "let's make America great again"! However, if elected as supreme chef of the country we all have to eat his food, and many of us will be not happy with the Donald menu.


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