Let's kill terrorists

Yes. Just kill'em. Take out your gun and shoot. In US the 2nd Amendment gives you the right to carry a gun to protect yourself, so no impediment to do so. Or start thinking ...
[I know it is way harder than firing your gun.]

The 2nd Amendment was adopted exactly 225 years ago, during colonial time, when people were hunting for their daily food. For a silver coin people did not hesitate to kill each other. Back then having a gun was a necessity, it was part of daily life! Now we are in 2015, and the society evolved somehow, or least some parts of the society did. The recent terrorist attacks in Paris, London, Turkey, and US - not to mention the others worldwide  raised the voice of those who support the idea that more guns should circulate on the streets, so that people can defend themselves when such an event happens. Life preservation and self defense is primordial in whatever culture, but what are the cost and side effects of this armament?

We are a consumer society, therefor going in a shop and buying a gun is not something unusual, not at all. We just put more money in some pockets. Buying rounds and ammo for our "baby" will put even more money in their pockets, but what the hell, this is a free market, you buy what you want. Once you have a gun, you have to learn how to use it. Sorry, but not everybody got a military training with the Navy Seals. In Israel the situation is a bit different, but I prefer not to know how to use a weapon. I am a pacifist, but it's a choice. My own choice, and I am not sorry for that!
Once you are trained and you do posses a gun, it is time to carry it. In your purse, in your jacket, in your car, and you can start to look like Arnie in those funny action movies from late 80s', when everybody wanted to be Rambo or Chuck Norris.  Sorry Bruce Lee, you were good too, but you were against guns - fighting with bare hands, so you are not helping out here!

The only thing we are missing now are the terrorists. Some might want to round up all the muslims and either put them in jail - exactly as they did shamefully with those Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor not really mentioned in the American History. Or apply immediate exclusion from US soil, and why not just simply kill them. You have the gun, so what are you waiting for? Kill or be killed, right? Do it till you have the chance! Do not hesitate, just shoot!

The 2nd Amendment provided this right to have a firearm to defend yourself against the government's abuse if any, but apparently all these guns, legal and illegal serve more to kill innocent people. So, instead of being used for defense, in 99.99% it is used to attack people. There is no week in US without a shootout involving innocent casualties. Who is protecting them? The 2nd Amendment? I hardly doubt it! Violence will generate more violence! Just take the example of Israel and Palestine. There will be no settlement. Just more and more killing and hatred between regular people who live in the same land. Guns are not going to solve the solution in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, but negotiations might.  

However, we are different! We perceive things differently, we do act differently, but we should value life in the same way. I do not want to leap back more than 200 years, and act like a caveman. I want to live a happy life, in freedom, among other people who share similar values, and let the vigilante things to those who are payed to do that. Instead of killing terrorist just try to educate them as education is the only hope to build a safer world! Guns are not going to solve the problem, education might be the solution! Think before shooting!



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