Facebook, what a hype! If you are not registered on Facebook you barely exist in 21th century. The most visited social network site is growing and growing each day, and instead of helping people to connect it is getting  step by step the most appropriate tool for procrastination.

A few years ago it was quite a deal to get access to this network, nowadays it seems the purpose has changed. More are more ads can be seen, and there is no real meaning behind anymore. Once I was able to get information about others leaving far away from my geographical location, thus getting some info about them was just interesting, however, nowadays the information, I mean meaningful information is less and more clutter and rubbish gets its place on the news feeds.
Unwanted advertisement, lost causes, stupid jokes and last but not least a lots of "likes". The thumb is really the big winner of Facebook.

How it looks now? Each day I'm getting several request to play some stupid games, or to like some pages (usually commercials) and bond with unknown people. Weird! Each day I am looking to some baby girl with a strange disease, asking for some donations (visual things can easily influence people), some call for social unrest, etc. And what we do? We "LIKE" the page. Does it help? No! It does not, however, our activity usually stops at that level, or if you really like the page, the message, the picture you will share it, so your entourage will see it too, even though they might not want to see such things or  they don't give a damn about it. However, they have to cope with your posts either they like it or not.

Probably most of us realized already or will realize soon, that the whole Facebook is just a waist of time, and rather than looking those stupid posts (advertisements, pics, jokes, etc.) we should use that time for more important issues such as family, personal relations, learning new things, make physical contacts and live our life instead of sitting in front of a computer or a phone typing those stupid comments. 

P.S. Facebook has good things too, but unfortunately less and less is valuable and more clutter and rubbish is finding its way among us.  


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