It's a game. Nothing less nothing more. Just a simple soccer game. You prepare for this game as it would be a war. It is not. It's just a game. 11 players on one side, 11 players on the other side and the ball in the middle. May the best win!
Winning on one side will not legitimate anything and winning on the other side will not provide an opportunity to claim something back. It this clear?

Do not try to inject your personal frustrations/hopes/wishes in this game. It is useless. Whoever wins is going to win because was more technical, more strong more prepared and not because we are Hungarians or Romanians or we are a greater nation than the other. History is one issue, soccer is another issue. Wake up and don't be stupid!

P.S. I am wondering how many centuries should be gone that even the stupidest would understand that history is happening in time and you can not change the course of history?!


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