The man who never was

The title belongs to a famous movie back from 1956 about inventing a fake man with fake documents to create a diversion in order to shift the focus of the Wehrmacht from Italy to Greece as a possible landing spot for the Allies.  Great movie!

Nowadays in Romania something similar happened. The difference: It was not the Allies (see USL,  - the common political platform between the ruling Social Democrate Party and the National Liberal Party, but only one man invented himself as president. Crin Antonescu. I guy from nowhere started to nourish some presidential ambitions over the last few years, but he failed alway just miserably. Of course 10-20% of the votes will be never sufficient and that's all what they have. 

However, he was so eager to get that presidential chair that he "elected" himself as president of the Romanian Senate, and once he managed this legal "coup d'etat", he over-throned the current president Traian Basescu, another interesting figure in the romanian political landscape. (The political maneuver was legal, no doubt!) And he ended up acting president, as the "regular" president got suspended until the population decided during the referendum if they want the current president or not anymore. 

During several weeks, as acting president ha gave more interviews than whatever president even though it was not appropriate to do so, but he got his 60 minutes of fame, and he wanted to profit out of it. [...] He was even decided to resign once the current president is returning after a favorable vote if any. The president even if he is just an acting one, should be completely impartial -politically speaking, however, he appeared in numerous rallies against the suspended president, and he declared himself as dedicated supporter of the current USL coalition.

After the referendum, even though it was largely favorable to the current ruling coalition, the number of votes were not sufficient to validate the ballot, so the suspended president was able to return and get back his seat with powerful political support from Germany, USA, France, England, etc. In these last minutes of agony, they tried everything: Recounting the votes, recounting the population as somehow the numbers were not favorable to them. End of story: They failed miserably! (I do not want to discuss now the current president's status because it is quite delicate, and I would never vote for such a character, however, he was elected (?) by the people.)

What happened with the clown acting as president? He failed miserably in all aspects!  He was dreaming of being president but he failed. During his 60 minutes of fame the population realized he is also a low level character without any special skills and knowledge of being president, he lied the population as he did not resigned, he was that eager to get that presidential seat than he wanted to commit fraud during the recounting of the votes/population. He criticized USA, Germany, where even though they have their own problems, there is some democracy for some decades. Finally, he is also criticized in his own party due to the multiple failures he, his arrogance and his personal ambitions achieved. So he ended up being a NOBODY. A man who never  was.

P.S. I muslim friend of mine thought me once: "History is forgetting about the loosers!"  He was right. This man became a political wreck! A looser!


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