I am not against Apple. I am a MacBookPro owner, and I think it is the best laptop ever, after several trials with Dell, Compaq,  HP, Siemens, Asus, etc. However, now I want to address the latest iPhone 5 lunched earlier this week. 

I think Steve Jobs is gone and the iPhone is gone too as much as the Apple legacy. It is not anymore the same, even though the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was also nothing but just [re-]packing the same stuff in a more shiny package. Sad but true. And the [brand new] iPhone 5 is a complete disappointment. On technical side there is nothing new. Yes, they added a new microphone ..., big deal! Bravo Apple! No innovative technology anymore just a lame upgrade but still enough to fool millions.

And I think is not just a mistake but really a majore failure the new map application of Apple which has to take some geography classes, because it seems it missed some when it was the time to learn some places, locations, etc. That is really a "cool" user experience to learn you are somewhere where you are not! Apple is inventing the teleportation on their new iPhone 5.  Probably this is the real innovation!

"It will get better" is not the kind of answer we wait from such a company where the user is first. I think the huge success made them arrogant and stupid and if they continue like this they will end up like Nokia who is now struggling to survive even though they team up with Windows.

It seems Apple lost his supremacy in proposing new and innovative solutions and now it was their turn to struggle to somehow catch-up with the newest technologies proposed by Samsung Galaxy S3. And they definitely lost this battle. The new Samsung phone is way much superior to the [new] iPhone even though Apple fans will not admit such a shame.

I am wondering how people could be so blind not to see the reality? Probably the apple blinds them or just the human stupidity or ...?! 


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