The world goes Job(s)-less

Yep. He is gone. I think it is useless to write some sentences about the personality of Steve Paul Jobs (1955-2011). Either you like him, either you hate him. There is no other way.

However, nobody can deny he was a visionary who defined a clear path for the computer industry creating the brand Apple and gadgets like iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac, MacBook Air and many other things with that particular logo.

It is amazing how many quotes, youtube videos have been shared via facebook somehow connected to the Apple guru. I think even people not knowing much about him realized the great personality of this college drop-out, who was raised in a foster family who built a an empire from a family garage and explained to Stanford graduates in 2005 that "connecting the dots" is more important than graduating from an Ivy League university. He is just simply amazing! The world just lost a genius, a visionary.


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