Romania: Special edition

You can see such "special edition" things on TV channels on some particular occasions. President Obama during the State of the Union is addressing the american nation (once a year), the deadly tsunami and and earthquake earlier this year in Japan covered by CNN and other major news channels, the Nobel prize award ceremony, the Oscars (Academy Award), the royal wedding of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton, etc. can be considered as special editions in the life of a news channel. They are really major events on the planet and many people are interested in such special editions. Of course such event do not occur often.

I do not know what is happening, but in Romania we have special editions each night. The romanian news channels advertise their talk-shows as being special editions all the time. Almost each night there is a breaking news. We have to admit we are special.

Either you listen your president addressing an audience at London School of Economics using an English which is kind of strange in order not to use more harsh epithet on the poor sailor, either you just realize that a bunch of high officials are corrupt, either you just realize that the population is paying higher prices for the energy, though, we could use our natural gas supplies, but each day we discover something "special". We are this kind of special type of nation. While other countries like Germany try to stop the economical crisis and they do special things w.r.t. this, we do other type of things and we are also special. Of course nobody would like to be that special, however we manage each day.

Last Sunday we were special because an american basketball player was punched in a bar and he just died. Our EU representatives in the EU Parlament and they are not able to speak not even Romanian. Probably this is also special. Similar speciality can be encountered in the percentage of the high school students during the baccalaureate as only 45% of the students passed this exam. The Interior Minister can not pronounce correctly the word "braconaj" and he comes up with something like "branconaj". Yes, probably we are special, really special!


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