President vs. President

A few days ago, the TV channel Antena3 made a whole "show" about the book "Romania under Basescu: Aspirations, Achivements and Frustrations during His First Presidential Term" edited by Ronald F. King and Paul E. Sum. Indeed, probably only just positive chapters will be found in the book from contributors from USA and Romania. You know, in these so-called post-communist countries presidents still believe the fact that if they can not realize anything , they can still pay [or force] others to write some nice things about them.

In Romanian there is a nice word for that, "elogii", however, nowadays, this is called PR. Ceausescu did the same, so I can even understand the same treatment 21 years later from some guys which were friends (Ion Iliescu) or subordinates to the communist regim (Traian Basescu).

Today, another president Mr. Iliescu appeared in the same TV channel presenting his book, describing the history of Romania in the last two decades. However, I have some doubts if he dared to spare some sections to the "Mineriade", himself being the mastermind of those dark times in the Romanian history. However, the PR worked to perfection, he is a national hero today. Unfortunately, we realize, in Romania nothing is happening. One president is coming, the other is leaving and nothing is changed. Of course, this is not covered in the books of the presidents ....


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