It will never end, never ....

The European Union is rather huge, many countries are inside, still some others outside and Romania is somehow on the edge. Officially it is inside but technically, economically, and morally does not fit at all in this european landscape. Of course the Romanian Revolution has been consumed in '89, but the society is still not mature, they can not behave as real europeans and they do strange things. I do not want to mention all the stupidities occurring in the politics, the corruption and of course this "laissez faire" attitude. (Comment: Silviu Brucan, a former politician pictured some 20 years to be necessary to achieve the level of a real democratic country. I can state now, he was completely wrong. We need 50-100 years or maybe such time will never come.)

In the last few years, romanians invaded countries like Italy, Spain, etc. Higher wages, better conditions and civilized countries. Of course once this invasion all these conditions were lowered but still these democratic countries considered they might educate some of them. They failed completely. They offered them schooling, social welfare, jobs but it was not enough. Do not get me wrong. There are many high quality specimens from Romania working abroad and doing really nice jobs in different segments of those foreign societies but there is another segment, all those opportunist persons who do not want to work just get the benefits and do shameful things to get money, conditions, etc., from countries like France, England, Italy and Spain.

Somehow it is not right that 2% of the crimes committed in France is somehow linked to romanian citizens. It is a foreign country and people are afraid of some Romanian subjects. It is not right. It is not! The news agency France Presse states that in July the "romanian criminality" increased with 72,4% compared to the Q1 of the same period of the 2010 in the larger Paris metropolitan area. If we do such "performances" what is gone happen in the future? Are we gone be the danger of the EU? I can understand that the French Government is sending home some hundreds of romanian citizens. Even though EU regulations allow free travel and free passage in the EU space, it is mandatory to cope with the regulations and unfortunately some of us can not simply do so.

Can you imagine, how nice is to be a topic in the political agenda of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) for the next elections in France? Instead of discussing internal affairs they will win votes by proposing stopping the romanian criminality on French soil. Shame! Thank you dear [some] country fellows! Thank you! Good job! Well done! Congratulations!

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  1. Csaba said...
    Just the other day I saw in the television that they were discussing about pickpocketing.
    Guess who were the criminals? And how far they get? Yes as far as Australia. Luckily they are not many :)

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