Far away

I left my home almost 12 years ago and from that moment I am traveling all over the world from country to country looking for new challenges, new cultures, new civilizations and last but not least new faces. Inevitably you meet people and they color your life far away from those who would smile to you once you would be home. I miss them. I miss them a lot but you have no choice. This is how life is. You keep in mind those loved ones and you hope and hope again to see them soon and hopefully this day will come.

Family, friends, neighbors, streets, benches, trees, old memories and everything you have left behind. They haunt you and keep you alive. You should have these things with you, otherwise you would not be able to do what you have to. It is your survival kit keeping you safe and alive. It is alway reassuring to know that thing is with you. Same for knowing that at home there is always somebody waiting for you. In those far away places, there are nice people sharing their lives with you, sharing their knowledge and kindness but still, they are not you family, not your friends for a lifetime.

Home. Going home. When I was a little kid I was always completely excited once we were planning a holiday. How it is gone be, how the journey would be and many other questions did not allow me to sleep the night before the "big day". Even though, the years have passed and I have travelled a lot, most travels are rather boring, the "going home" travel is always special. It should be not but it is. Normally, you should just hop in a plain, read some newspapers or a book and sonner or later just land and say: "-Home, here I am! I am back!".

This travel is special. Is planned more than the others. You will gone meet your parents, other family members, friends, etc. All the bunch of people you left behind. You left but they will be there and gone wait for you. There is always somebody waiting for you. This is a huge gift. There is always somebody.

Ps. It is not about homesickness, over the years you manage this but is about your home. Some guys just wanna forget about that home and integrating in that new society where they live for the moment. Even though you want to, you can not forget that land, those places engraved deeply in your memory. Simply, you can not deny your past. That place is a part from you and everybody should be proud of that. I am! You should be too.


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