Easter vs. Christmas

Easter is approaching fast. It is one of the most important or rather the most important event in the Christian liturgical year. It starts with the Palm Sunday, followed by the Good Friday, the crucifixion and finally the resurrection of Christ. The event corresponding to the Jewish Passover is marking the end of the Egyptian captivity of the people of Israel.

Christian families reunite and celebrate this Christian feast together. Some of them might go to the temple to pay homage to Christ for taking the sins of the entire humanity. Unfortunately is rather an opportunity to celebrate and rather a contemplation to the roots of this liturgical feast.

I am not a literate, however I was always interested to rank Easter and Christmas among the other Christian feasts. Is it one more important than the other? We celebrate Christmas as the day of the birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Savior. Easter stands for the resurrection. There is no resurrection without birth and there is no birth without resurrection "... there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust." (Acts 24:15)

Are these feasts complementary to each other or is there any rank among them? Should we rank these feasts? Does it have any sense to do so?

Ps. The Easter eggs and the Easter bunny are rather just some modern add-ons of the real feast. They are really nice and important elements of feast but the focus should be rather on the spiritual side.


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