Today I read a statement of Mr. Gyorgy Frunda where the senator wants to redraw from the government and change the head of the party. Even they [so called "big shots"] realized that with such a policy and such a looser party president like Mr. B. M. they do not have a chance. And the new hungarian parties should also be considered. They are really a threat for the existing Hungarian party.

Unfortunately, Mr. M even though probably he will not go for a new election [at least I hope so] tries to impose his candidate, Mr. Hunor Kelemen which is exactly the same as Mr. M but a bit younger. Nothing less, nothing more. Of course his Romanian is slightly better but still ....some communication lectures would be preferable for the current minister of Cultures.

Ps. However, I think is already too late for them and the hungarians will not vote for them at the upcoming elections in 2012.


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