Arrogance and ignorance

In a few days Hungary will take over the presidency of the EU and days ago the Parliament voted for a media law which seems to jeopardize the freedom of the press. However, PM Orban is quite confident about this law and despite of many concerns raised by really democratic countries like Germany or Luxembourg he is not even thinking reconsidering this or adopt some amendments.

Hungary became a communist country after the II. WW and the Paris treaty. In those times there was no free press in Hungary and many citizens can still remember those dark days. Today we claim being a democratic country but adopting such restrictive laws push us towards a new type of neo-communism.

Considering the text of the media law adopted the different TV channels, newspapers, media portals can be fined with huge amount of money for violation of the previously mentioned media law. Such restriction can really damage the image of a free media in Hungary. While countries where democracy is really not an issue anymore question this law, the hungarian PM is showing again his arrogance and ignorance. The comparison of Gyorgy Conrad with the raise of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party) in 1933 probably is not appropriate at this particular moment but I am afraid it may become a reality soon.

The election held last April in Hungary empowered the FIDESZ as absolute power obtaining a two-thirds majority in the Parliament. It seems instead of giving them more responsibility this power gives them more arrogance and ignorance.

Ps. I am not an oracle, but I think we can expect new restrictive measures in the near future.


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