Ecce corruptus

Interested in Romanian politics, I am reading a lot of journals and news channel in order to be up-to-date with the last details. And I have to admit I am eager to have news from my home country even though I am not that kind of politician type of guy but rather who is proposing solutions. Of course nobody is interested in my opinion because if they would be a lot of people would loose her/his job because of me. My whim is the research and the education but of course I have some ideas how other things should work as well.

However, unfortunately nowadays in Romania the main hype is to be corrupt. Either you are a politician, either you are detaining some other position the main goal is to be corrupt. The sooner you became corrupt the better position you can get. Unfortunately the Romanian society is based on corruption. If you are corrupt you are elected, if you are corrupt, nobody can touch you, if you are corrupt everybody likes you. If you are not, you do not have any chance, at least not in Romania.

I am wondering would it be possible to clean Romania to have no more corruption over there? The answer is: NEVER!


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