Apple (feeling) for free

You know nowadays is quite a hype for all the possible Apple gadgets. Honestly they produce really nice stuff, the design is high class, quite nice and ergonomic user interfaces and of course it can not be missing the logo (see picture). With the marketing strategy Steve Jobs has achieved something which nobody else did before. Right now is kind of a status to have a laptop which has such a logo. Of course everybody is listening iPod an talking trough an iPhone. A couple of weeks ago they presented the new gadget called iPad, which seems to be a smart tablet.

It is right, they control both hardware and software so they do not have those problems which occur so often for Windows or Linux OS where you can not use some 3rd party device if there is no driver (software) ready for this purpose. And of course you can buy software and hardware through these gadgets, so I should say they are quite good. However, nobody speaks about the prices and at that level you can see quite some distinction. Considering the price of NetBook Pro I think you can buy at least 2 similar hardware configuration laptops coming from some well known brands from the market. Similar issue is happening with the HTC Hero which has been designed to be a direct competitor to the iPhone.

I am quite a curious character so all the time once I have the chance I am asking the Apple users to explain me why those Apple gadgets are more suitable than some other gadgets. The only answer coming from their side is: "It is totally different! It is a lifetime experience!" Nice words, I agree. However, till I change my mind and buy such an Apple product I installed their web browser called Safari and now I am starting to experience this new "lifetime feeling" for free.

Ps. Honestly, till now I have not seen something which should change radically my vision and became an Apple fan. Probably I am just too skeptical or ...

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  1. Peter Csaba said...
    I agree with you, but not totally.
    The iphone design is nice, well done for Apple.

    On the other hand the MacBook Pro is not well designed. I am a happy owner of a Dell XPS M1530 which has a much nicer design. At least this is my opinion, and I agree each of us have different taste.

    The price they are asking for a laptop is ridiculous. The funny thing is that for much less you can still have the same "Mac" experience, just without the Apple logo on your laptop.

    So if you don't want to pay 1000$ more just for the logo, you can buy the same configuration from Dell or any other supplier. Then you need to buy with around 30$ the Leopard retail CD and install on your laptop. The install process is not straight forward but if you search on Google for hackintosh you will find plenty or resources.

    Having the Mac OS installed on your non Apple hardware I wonder what argument can the Apple fans have in favor of Apple.


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