The Nobel prize controversy

As you know, today the Nobel Committee for Peace has offered the Peace Nobel Prize to President Obama. Of course as it was expected, the news has been published instantly on the Internet and right now everybody knows about it.

Honestly, I am against this nomination. I like this new president of US, I think he was the optimal choice after 8 years of republican government but he does not deserve yet such a prestigious award. In my understanding such a prize should go to somebody who already did something not to somebody who is still just talking about different actions. Unfortunately, it seems the main focus proposed by Alfred Nobel is not anymore. Right now the prize is more about ideals and not facts.

I think John Paul II (2004 nominated), Nelson Mandela (1993), Kim Dae-jung (2000), Itzak Rabin, (1994) Simon Perez (1994), Yasser Arafat (1994), Mikhail Gorbacsev (1990), Elie Wiessel (1986), Desmond Tutu (1984), Lech Walesa (1983), Mother Theresa (1979), Andrei Sakharov (1975), Henri Kissinger (1973), Martin Luther King Jr. (1963), Albert Sweitzer (1952) and many others really deserve this award, but the president should first do something and not just bring hope that someday something may change.

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  1. Leonie said...
    I agree, and I disagree.

    His work shines as bright as it does BECAUSE the former president of the US was a nightmare.

    As a signal to the world and to him AN award is very helpful. It will make it easier to speake with Iran / Korea and so on.

    I think this award will preasure him and he would have passed it over to someone else (if he could have done) because he can not act "free" as he could have done if he wouldn't have received it.

    As I am writing my opinion grew.

    Its a pharse!!!!


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