The game

I think I will not write a whole story about this, but I could tell, it was a lifetime experience. I haven't seen so much people in such a huge stadium. Amazing. You can see whole families heading for the GAME. You can see even 2-3 old kids wearing the t-shirt of the favorite team and you can often see also 80 years old ladies supporting B.V.B. Dortmund.

I was amazed how civilized they behave all those people down there. Of course, during the game they were the ferocious supporters ever, not stopping even for a minute to support the black & yellow guys but one issue is to enjoy the game and when is finished just became the normal guys as before. It was really fun to be there!

Btw, of course Borussia Dortmund scored 2, while the "enemy" was not able to score.


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