It is quite amazing. When you are young and restless you think you are untouchable and even God himself can not harm you. Once the years are passing this idea is changing radically. You will see as I have seen. You are similar to other God's creatures, you are small and all the deceases can harm you an make you feel vulnerable. So here I am.

From yesterday I have been hospitalized and right now I am sharing a room with two older fellas who can sleep mainly all the time. Unfortunately, I do not speak German, they do not speak English, French, Romanian or Hungarian. Hence, our conversations are strictly related to “Good morning”, “Good night”, “Good appetite” and some smiles in between. I am not so happy about that but it guess is my turn to learn German. Anyway, I have proposed myself to do so, so I will.

I spent the whole day looking the first season of “The Big Bang Theory”. It was awesome. I went to sleep around 1:00 am and I have to admit I had a nice sleep till 7:00 am and right now I am typing all these ideas on my tiny-shiny Dell laptop.

The doctors will soon pay me a visit and I will have more news it seems to but till that particular moment I have to wait and try to get out of my mind all the stupid questions which I am turning in my head all day long. When will be this intervention? How much time does it take? What is gonna happen when I wake up? Will be painful or not? You know, these kind of lame questions.

Concerning the communication issue, I am quite surprised. The young Doc who started examining me was really fluent in English so we had a nice chat during an hour. In the section was also a guy who explained me everything but this morning another guy came and he had some problems. Anyway, I am happy because till now no major communication issues have occurred. It is amazing. You are in a foreign country, you do not speak their language but somehow everything is going just fine.


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