After the surgery

Et voila. This is my first day after the intervention. I just call it intervention instead of surgery because nothing really happened. They just put a “pipe” inside my body. About the details ask the doctors. Yesterday I was quite stressed, because I was not really sure when all this thing will happen. They told me it will be around noon but nothing more than that.

I had to fill out a yellow record with all my best medical knowledge about myself but finally I just made it. I am quite proud of it. You know, other surgeries, allergies, alcohol, smoke and similar questions listed in 2 pages. After that we had a nice chat with a young anesthesiologist who explained me all the possible risk which can occur during a total anesthesia. He freak me out but I was telling myself I can not be that weak exception which is mentioned in the book. Nobody is really interested in you (nothing personal) but I imagine they do not really have the time to comfort you in such challenging moments. I have just started to wait, have some sleep and wait again. Around noon, a guy just show up with some medications and he told told me the show must go on so I was thinking, this is my 60 minutes of glory. It was not the case. I just wake up at 3 pm and I was still in my bed between the old fellas doing more or less nothing all day long. I was not sure if the interventions has already been done or not so I was looking for palpable evidences. None of them was found so I was sure the intervention will happen just after or they just did some miracle to me.

A few minutes later, a lady came and told me, right now is showtime. Maybe for her but it is pretty sure it was not for me. So I had to change my nice clothes to some strange sort of coat but this is the rule, so I just did it. Half naked, with this funny coat in a bed …. Quite funny I have to admit.

I had the privilege to use an elevator just for this funny dressed people like me and they just put me in an anti-chamber where a lady just put some things on my chest (EKG). She was looking for the blood pressure and prepared other things which I do not have any clues why should they be prepared. For that I suppose you need a medical degree and I dot not have one.

After a short period they put me in the surgery room. It was quite funny (details upon personal request), just ladies were around me, so I felt I am in good hands. No offense docs but ladies first. A doctor she was explaining me that she is my anesthesiologist and they told me soon I will be sleeping. I imagine at that particular moment the total blackout just hit me, because I woke up later in my bed feeling a little dizzy but having a head quite clear able to speak and be sure of the necessity to visit the restroom. I had the infusion still in my arm so I was thinking maybe is better to test the reaction time of that nice red button on my phone.

The reaction time was not light speed fast but it was quite one. The only problem was the lady who came to respond was not able to speak not even a word in English. Quite funny but it happens even in such a case. So I suppose she told me to wait, unfortunately I was not able to wait more than a few minutes. I pushed again the button but I was not not lucky at that time either. So she just spoke to me again and left. When I pushed third time the button a guy came and he was fluent in English, so he helped me to manage to reach the toilet on my own feet.

I was quite surprised to see some of my colleagues coming to visit me. I was able to joke with them so I think even with the intervention, everything goes just fine. I hope so!


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