To summarize the first presidential debate ... it was like in a kindergarden. Two spoiled kids fight over the fact that my father is better than yours, and for that reason I am tougher than you. I do not have that much experience in politics, but apparently these two candidates are the worst ones ever in American history.  

One is a megalomanic, racist, misogynistic and definitely spoiled- as his father was a wealthy real estate developer, so he most probably never had any money issues. The other is a complete establishment person, lying under oath, being payed by Wall Street to give them "advise", partially responsible to the chaos what is happening in the Middle East now, "not recognizing(?!)" what the C[onfidential] means on State Department documents, sending e-mails on non-secure channels, etc. Most probably somebody else with some other name would hand have been accused for treason already (see the Snowden case) and threw in jail.  And the American public has to decide for the one or the other. Quite some options [...]

This debate was nothing more than a scharade, a cheap show, -even Broadway can do better when these candidates were fighting against each other, how to put more dirt on each other, but none of them was interested in leading this country and help the economy, the middle class and solve the racial separation which is rotting the whole society. People are killed on the streets on daily basis just because their skin color is different, while others can just simply walk away with murders, but they just simply do not care. They care more about the negative adds, sexual scandals, birth certificates, and other endless nonsenses. We are talking about the next POTUS, the Commander in Chief of the free world ...

I am completely disappointed, and I am wondering what course will take America and history with such unqualified "leaders"?   The future does not look really bright, I am telling you folks!


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