The education paradox

Education. In Europe it's mandatory and free, while in US is a privilege - for higher education just to be completely correct. If Sanders wins the elections it might change, though the american society is wired somehow differently, and calling for "socialism" whenever there is a seed for a greater good. Anyway, different people, different mindset.

The society evolves, people evolve, and inevitably the education evolves. It's a straightforward process, call it modern darwinism or whatnot but it is just happening and we are part of it, either as students, parents or teachers. And we all call for reforms. The students are exhausted, the teachers pushed to their limits and the family is just watching the struggle and can do a thing. Sad but true.

Let's do reform. And some do. Is it good, it is bad? We will see, but unfortunately education is a longterm investment, therefore politicians tend to leave it out from the agenda - they usually are unable to think ahead. However, until we wait for the results of the current changes, let's account for what we have.

Education of the XX-th century was more more or less the same everywhere, with a pretty straightforward model: the teacher is the "Good" and the student is a simple "disciple". The communication was comletely unidirectional, no sign of dialog, etc. We might spot flaws in this model, and there are many, however, those disciples nowadays change the world. They have not heard anything about the Internet they were reading books, but they made the biggest discoveries of the century. They read newspapers but they dreamed and created Internet. They have sent handwritten letters, but they created the e-mail. They communicated trough low quality landlines but they created the mobile communication. They wrote with chalk on blackboards, but they designed the tablets [...] [Sorry for not mentioning other things!]

Apparently, it seems that education which we all blame today, was "quite enough" to transfer us in a modern XXI-th century, and allow us to dream for a better tomorrow. In this light of facts, I am certainly sure, those who are meant to achieve great things will do that with or without educational reform. In the mean time, I militate for differential education. Some guys should end up scientist, doctors, engineers, ...., while some others should just understand the basic laws of nature to have the tools for a healthy and prosperous life.

P.S. I am firmly convinced, that there could be a successful life even without knowing Schrodinger's equation describing the quantum state of a quantum system. 


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