Let's push the 2nd

I mean the second amendment from the American Constitution. I am a devoted pacifist, and I was born and raised as one, however, living in this country for a while gave me this idea. Each day people die because of firearms, men, women and children alike, and nobody does a thing. 

We have the second amendment, therefore we have to apply it, even more, we have to extend the words of the law laid down by the forefathers of the nation: "... , the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." It does not really matter, that it was stated almost 225 years ago, the law is law, thus it should be respected "ad litteram". 

Beside me, half of the nation is advocating for anti-gun policies, however, the better half still thinks we still live in the Wild West, and we need guns to protect ourselves from ... whom exactly? However, the idea is to give guns to the kids as well, so they can protect themselves from other kids, so when there is an upcoming blood bath in some school, it could be even bloodier, right. They have the right, because they are american citizens too, therefore the law is offering them this choice.

I'm wondering when this society will decide not to pay anymore with the lifes of its citizens for an amendment which lost its sense and meaning in a modern society?! [...]


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