The downside of democracy

The notion of democracy is coming from ancient Greeks, and it was refined more and more over the centuries, while nowadays some of us can enjoy it to some extent. However, I think we went too far away from the main concept, meaning the rule of people, and it is more the rule of law. Laws are necessary to support such a form of government, but it seems the law took over common sense and humanity. 

In Israel there is war. In the Gaza strip there is war. People die each day. They struggle to survive, but many of them do not make it. They just don't. And what the world is doing? NOTHING! Absolutely nothing. We just watch on television the horror pictures of carbonized bodies lying on the ground, and we count the casualties. On the israeli side thens, on the palestinian side thousand and still counting. It is gonna stop? No. Who is right and who is wrong? Everybody is right and everybody is wrong. Is about a land and the right to live free in peace. Killing for those things will not give you the right to have it. Killing people and war is not a solution. It never was and never will be. Killing will cause more pain, more anger and more hatred. It's just an endless loop with no exit strategy.

It is not our war, and we are outsiders, but we should still raise our vice, and say stop for the killings, but shamefully we say nothing. Why? Because we are afraid. Yes, we are afraid of being judged for our thoughts. If you support the palestinians - they are definitely the losers of this war (see the high number of casualties),  it does not look good as you will be labeled as nazi, racist, jew hater and enemy of Israel. If you support Israel, a small country struggling from 1948 to survive on a land surrounded by hostile countries you are careless and biased and bought by the jews. Whatever side you pick you will have to face criticism and the law. 

Instead of taking one's side, we should think about those civilians who die each day, or they might be lucky and survive, and hope the war will be over, and they can restart their lives in peace and harmony. We should raise our voice and say stop for the killings and stop for the war. War was never a solution. We should not be afraid saying what we think: "STOP THE WAR"!  


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