Buy a laptop for your battery

The world has turned up side down. Some time ago when your laptop's battery was not functional anymore you ordered a new battery and a new life just started. Nowadays it seems things are different [...] 

Recently I was asked to buy a laptop battery for a friend living down under in that faraway forgotten country with those strange animals jumping all around or sleeping all day long in the trees, and eating those poisonous leaves. Of course you should help a good friend, otherwise why would we call each other friends, right?

I went to a USPS office to ask if it is possible to ship such a "monster" over their channels, and the answer was: NOOOOOOO! IMPOSSIBLE! DANGER! A battery is considered hazardous material, flammable, hence no such delivery by plane. Ok! The lady she was really kind by explaining me the imminent danger (fire, blowing off, etc. ) carried by these "evil items".  Somehow I had the stupidest idea to ask how about a laptop (including a battery). No problem. You can ship such a harmless product by plain and USPS would be more than glad to do it. 

I wanted to ask a second question but I realized the poor person  did not realized the paradox, however, I learnt something today. A battery by itself it's a danger, a laptop (with a battery included) is good to go. Nowadays we should not buy a battery for the laptop but rather buy a laptop for the battery just to make it harmless for USPS regulations.

USPS! Please, I am begging do not consider me stupid because I am not! And I urge you to stop acting like an idiot! I hate stupidity and here I sense some limitless amount of it!


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