Today something happened. One comic character left the [Romanian] presidency, and an old but still comic character just got back "his kingdom". Meanwhile the country was struggling in these shaky moments and the instability on financial markets and in EU offices was at the highest rates ever. I consider this [stupid] political crisis -created by some egoism of some politicians-, divided the country, the nation. 
And now? What they (politicians) achieved? NOTHING. What we have achieved? We just realized that one buffoon like Crin Antonescu can not manage a country as president, and he is far far away from that head of state character whom he wanted to look like. He managed to sign his "resignation" as a reliable president candidate for the upcoming elections. However, everybody can have his 60 minutes ...

We have also learnt some more things too. Victor Ponta and his government is not able to govern and they have huge problems once is about counting the votes, and they would do anything just to win the elections even if  they have to trespass the law and the constitution. He also showed his weakness as a leader and I would say during the upcoming elections some more reliable candidate should be found if the PSD want ssome seats in the Romanian Parliament.

Traian Basescu [...] Personally I am ashamed to have such a president, with such attitude, such behavior such lousy English, trespassing the law each day, and the list is endless, but he is back as president of the country. Is this good? NO, it is not! It is a disgrace, however, he proved his qualities as politician because he managed to control everything even though he was suspended. 


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