Strange. Today Mircea Geoana was expelled from its own camp, the Social Democrate Party. This guy was the presidential candidate two years ago and right now is a "political leper". Nobody likes him and 90% of the party officials voted against him. Interesting.

I am just wondering what kind of message is sent to the electorate by the opposition parties doing such a "public execution" of one of its leaders?! How such an opposition is able to win the elections in 2012? Honestly, I have serious doubts and I am certainly sure the Ponta-Antonescu tandem will not solve the problems of Romania. They do not represent a reliable solution.

P.S. The comments of Mr. Geoana after the vote were completely unprofessional. Calling his own colleagues and party Bolshevik, and its leader a marionette of Iliescu and Nastase did not helped him but rather showed that he is not able to accept his defeat. It seems the history repeats in the party. A few years ago Nastase was also banned from the higher positions and at that time Geoana was the leader of the same party. Would it be a possible payback? [...]


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