The Great Wall of China

Amazing. Infinite. There is no [appropriate] word to describe such wonder. It lies all over China, ending in Inner Mongolia. I had the same feeling a couple of years back in India, when I visited the Taj Mahal. I wrote the following short message to some friends: "I've just seen the Miracle. The Taj is a gift from God, built by Man to echo in the Eternity." The Wall is something similar. I have never seen something greater than these stones and fortifications. Impressive.

I reached the Wall yesterday morning around 6:30 am and you can imagine how surprised I was. There was nobody there. Only the wall and myself. The feeling was overwhelming. We waited until they open the gates and we started [with my colleague] to climb the wall on our own. Sunrise, the wall and 2 guys. It was kind of a never ending story. You just climb, you just go and go and the wall is never ending. There is a new fortification, a new hill, more way to go. No tourists, nobody just the wall listening our breath and footsteps on the stones. Honestly we started to climb with some enthusiasm but near the top I have to confess it was not that easy anymore. The steps are very big and the way too steep. Finally, after 1h of effort we got to the top. Amazing feeling I have to tell you. All over the mountains, the sun and the Great Wall of China, a wonder of the world.

After a few minutes of joy we started our descent because our flight was waiting at Beijing, China. I am really happy about this achievement to climb on the wall and enjoy the peace, the sun and the greatness of this people. The way back we met some people and I encouraged them to continue because it is worth to see the top. Hopefully, many of them are proud to do this effort and climb to the top.

Ps. Some photos about this amazing journey at the Great Wall of China are posted on my picasa accout.


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