The Jamba experience

Until now I was always experiencing nice things here in Dortmund, Germany. This week however, I realized that even here you can be fouled easily. Normally I do not have time to read all my invoices/bills and usually I try to do all my things online. However, this week I checked my mobile phone bill. And honestly I have to tell you, I was amazed. No! Surprised.

Phone numbers, data plans and Jamba. I was surprised because I have not seen such an entry on my bill before. 4.99€ was charged but no details. So I started to google what Jamba means and I realized it is a German service offering ring tones, music images etc. for your phone. The problem I have never did any subscription for that service. Doing some research I realized that mainly everybody is fooled by this company. It is not easy to cancel your contract. No details are given on the website and once I realized how to do so, they charged me again 4.99€. Amazing how a company can charge you money for nothing. Either you log yourself to your account on or you send a message to 33333 with a body: STOPALLE to cancel your contract. I think I will fill a complaint once I am back from India. It is not about the money but rather about how they act to charge you for something you have never asked for.

Ps. Definitely, I will look from now on all the entries on my phone bill.


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