In the last 20 years something happened. Before there was communism and the evil force from East right now is something else in Europe. There is EU and immigration.

For sure, the stability in the EU countries attracts many skilled and less skilled workers from all over the world in this region. And as we know, nobody likes immigrants. Nobody. Different language, different culture different life style, different values, different people. Nobody likes this. Of course as we are in democracy just a few would declare this directly, otherwise they will be labeled as extremists, far right elements and anti democracy. The current economical struggle during this crisis will not help in loving those immigrants more than before. In contrary, this new immigrant will be the new evil occupying the jobs for lower wages, asking for social welfare and so on. Quite interesting, even in those countries where the majority of the population is based on immigrants (ex. Canada, USA and Australia) are totally against new immigration policies.

What we should do? We do not like the immigrants but we need their skills and work force. Where is the balance? Should we tolerate the immigration, should we consider just selected immigrants (what about human's rights than?) or what to do with the new "evil" haunting the EU countries. Is it appropriate to integrate this new population or just trying to extend this "multicultural" idea where different people coming from different cultures can survive in peace.

The truth is, and Chancellor Merkel also mentioned, "the multicultural [society] ...has failed, utterly failed". Let's be honest, it is just an idealistic way of thinking. People never liked each other. Otherwise there would be no borders between countries. Just in order to have an idea about different EU nationals, I suggest you reading the book of Richard Hill, "We Europeans".

So let's start from the premises, we do not like immigrants. We should face it, Europe is getting older and older. We do not have trained workforce anymore. Somebody should work in order to keep the high living standards achieved over the years. And if we can not assure this work force anymore, we have to let the immigrants doing it, either we like it or not. That's it!

It is a symbiotic relation between us and them. We can not assure the work force, while they can and they know this. For both parties is a benefit. We can sustain our standards while the immigrants can come freely and work and also benefiting from a higher life condition. Nobody is beyond. We should have expectations for sure but we should also be tolerant to those newcomers.

In a normal society the first condition to integrate is to learn the language. However, nowadays, many immigrants they do not speak other languages just their own and they do not want to integrate on those new societies. They consider it totally inappropriate those values spread by those host societies. They form large communities and they can exist without any contact with the real society. It is kind of a society in a society.

In Germany, the president Wulff stated "But by now, Islam also belongs in Germany". In France, The Netherlands there are some rules to restrict the burka in public institutions, while in Switzerland the referendum decided about the [non] construction of minarets as being a sign of the Islamisation of the country. In France, even though they do inappropriate things, the gypsies are deported. Those guys are not immigrants but EU citizens!

What can we do? Can we stop immigration? Shall we be more tolerant? Do we really need immigrants? Can we force them to integrate?

Honestly, I think the EU and all the governments in EU are ambushed by their own democracy and law system. We claim to protect the human rights and being impartial to citizens coming from different countries having different religions and social background but we do not want to accept the immigrants as they are.

Dear [possible] Immigrant, please think about your new plans to immigrate in EU as we do not know how to handle You! I think this would be the most important issue to solve in the next couple of years between the EU members.


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