The WizzAir syndrom

WizzAir is a low-cost airline company operating flights in Western and Central Europe. Really nice price constructions and lets be honest the fleet of 34 Airbus A320-200 are really comfortable. Do not get me wrong is is not a payed advertisement. I am just telling my opinion about this company and its business model.

Definitely, they should somehow gather some money, so they charge for check-in baggage and they are limiting the size and the weight of the hand luggage. This restriction was really applied and even it happened to me to pay extra charges because my hand luggage was exceeding with 1kg the allowed 10kg.

However, a few months ago they introduced the online check-in, which means the passenger should (or can) print his own ticket. If there is no check-in luggage you can avoid the ticket counter. Nice! Really nice and some companies they offer really green solutions as you do not have to print the ticket but show the bar code on your phone (for more details please refer online check-in at Lufthansa).

So, nowadays, if you are traveling just with hand luggage with an online check-in ticket printed on your own, nobody is interested anymore in the exceeded kilograms of your luggage. In that case is not important anymore the luggage? I think this 1-2kg extra should be allowed because it seems it is not important. However, the company even if they can estimate the average weight of the passengers and their baggage 360kg (180 passangers x 2kg) is really nothing.

So, as you can see, it is just a stupid WizzAir syndrom ... Hopefully they will realize it soon!


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