I am really sorry to write about this embarrassing topic but I am really pissed that some universities are even encouraging such shameful things. I am talking about getting a master degree simply just paying for it, of course not directly but rather as fees. Nowadays, everybody can get a MSc. and all this depends on some money and nothing more. No work is necessary anymore...

Lately, I was briefed about a common solution. For master thesis, the Romanian universities are proposing masters by coursework. However, some of the students are working already so they are doing the courses during the weekends and as it is a master level, we expect more initiative from the students. Case studies are quite common tasks and some individual work is also expected. To do so, the professors are looking for some projects coming from the students. But you know, students are just students. They like to get high marks with minimal effort. Look the website www.referate.ro and you will see the "students haven". You can download for a certain amount of money a project in different topics and of course ready to print master thesis as well. You just change the title page, the names and you are done. Can you imagine? It is really a shame.

I am certainly sure, some of the professors are aware of this attitude but they didn't care. They get the money for the classes and nothing else matters. The universities are not anymore centers of education but rather money making solutions. Universities should apply those solutions to spot plagiarism and who is caught with such a work should leave the university. They do not belong there.

Unfortunately, these former communist countries are not aware of the effects of the plagiarism and in former time it was common to copy western products and sell them on local market. Similar issues can be detected right now in China, where there is a whole industry based on copying different products. This should stop! Let's stop plagiarism!

Ps. I am also sure that some students are working hard to get such a degree and they put a lot of effort in order to do so. I think it is not fair to get the same degree as those guys just because somebody has some money. The money can not buy knowledge, definitely not self knowledge! Probably it is possible to buy a diploma, a degree but not the knowledge itself!


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