Probably I have mentioned in previous blog entries about my trip in Paris, France. Yes I had some presentations at Bell Labs Paris early last week. However, for the weekend I stayed in Paris and I just had a great time. With a friend I visited Mont Saint-Michel and also Paris.

During my last day in Paris we just visited the Elysee the residence of the President of the French Republic. There were some tourists and we just joined them. We hoped to spot some high rank official which is coming in or out. After a couple of minutes looking inside the residence trough the huge gate I spotted Carla Bruni, the wife of the president and after that I spotted the president himself. He was really casual, no fancy dress just as regular people.

I do not know what happened but instinctively I have started to wave toward the president and he was really nice and wave me back. Can you imagine, the french president Mr. Sarkozy, even though he has Hungarian origins he waved me back. It was really cool and I think it will be a lifetime experience.

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  1. Johann Stan said...
    This is cool! If only I had the chance for such an experience :))

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