The chaos in Romania

Honestly, it is really a mess what is happening nowadays in Romania. There is no president, there is no government, there is nothing at all. Everybody is just looking for different benefits out of this chaos but nobody is looking for the people. Nobody cares. Why should they? They are quite influential people (the politicians) so it does not matter if there is instability on both political and economical side, respectively. They do not give a damn about it.

One day we want a president, another day we want something else. One day we propose one PM, the next day another one. .... Buying votes for food or some products? It is just ridiculous.

I think all these post-communist countries do not have the capability and maturity to handle such a political crisis and of course they have never have seen such a slump. They are quite young democratic societies but they should put more effort and imagination to handle such situations in the future. Meanwhile, the Romanian political elite should learn what does it mean to do politics and have some programs and ideas not just nice speeches and nothing else in between.


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