The Sziget [revisited]

Today was really a full day. Last night I've invited my friends to a party and we went to sleep at 1:00 am, so we've tried to sleep as much as possible. We did it. :-)

Today we visited the Bodies (and how the preparation was going on) and after that we headed to the Sziget. Can you imagine? R.E.M and Goran Bregovic in the same time on different stages. Can you guess my choice? Of course, it was the music which is really close to my soul. I am Hungarian and I am so proud of it but I admit that I have also something in my veins which is balcanic. The music performed by Bregovic is nothing else but rythm and fiever and Balcan. It was something really amazing. No particular show, no particular costumes, no particular scenario. Just music, good music and a lot of people who really enjoyed that music, the styled, the feeling. They performed Ederlezi and the song from the White cat, black cat, and many others know and unknown tracks.

If you have the possibility do not miss a Bregovic concert! It's fantastic!


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