You know, a few weeks ago I have purchased a wireless Internet solution from my favorite GSM provider Vodafone. So from now on I do not need any cable or wire, I am just plug in my brand new 3G HSDPA modem and and I am online on the Net. It is quite good having such a device. The only problem is, the solution is for Windows OS but I also have a Linux distribution on my laptop so it would be nice to turn it under this crazy OS also.

In order to know, what kind of Linux distrib I am using to, just drop me an e-mail first. However, I can let you guess but it's a good one, I can assure you about that.

So as usual, I have started to look on the forums about how to set this thing on Linux. You know how these forums are. A lot of information with a lot of unreadable and long Linux commands and so on. You know, typical Linux.... For usual things in Windows XP you should suffer several hours, typing commands and commands without an end.

However, it is a miracle or what, ... I was able to set my modem in 5 minutes so I can use on both Windows XP and Linux. Can you imagine this? After a long day of work this is really a good news, isn't it? What a success, huh? So if you have similar problems just drop me an e-mail and I can give you some hint how you can avoid a hard labour with your Huawei E220 device. For more details look this blog.


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