Az en Vasarhelyem

Neha azon gondolkodom, hogy ennyi ev tavollet utan lehet meg integralodni itthon, es a valasz igen. No persze nem mindegy, hogy vakaciozni kell vagy itthon elni a szurke hetkoznapokat. Ketsegtelen a vakaciozas az megy, es meg ha neha egy-ket dolog feledesbe is merul, gyorsan visszaszokik az ember az itthoni letbe, es ha minden valtozik is, szerencsere a baratok, a szomszedok, az emberek ugyanazok. Es a piac is ott van ahol regen [...]

Jo latni a sok fejlodest a varos minden zugaban. Vannak olyan dolgok melyeket Amerikaban sem latni (!), es ez bizakodasra ad okot, de az emberek azok nem valtoznak, es maradnak olyanok milyennek ismerted oket meg 10-20 eve, es ez jo! Sok a valtozas Marosvasarhelyen, de akkor is, ez az en varosom is, es marad.

The London file

I am in town for a few days now, and I thought it is time to write something about this city. London. Big, huge, multicultural, vivid, sunny (for some unknown reason), trashy, expensive and attractive. 

In the first three hours I have seen more litter than in DC in the last three years. Yes, litter is everywhere! It is part of the culture similar as people standing in front of the bars sipping their drinks. And the parks are some disaster. St. James's, Hyde Park, Green Park all the same. Litter all over. The flip side, everybody is in the parks, enjoying the sun, the shadow of the trees, and why not, sleeping in the park. Myself I did a round in Greenwich close to the Observatory. It was just simply fantastic sleeping in the grass and wake up by a huge dog who came to me, and wanted to bond for some unknown reason.

Once you are in the city, the buildings are just amazing. You walk and you bump into history at each corner. Palaces, colleges, churches, statues, etc. I almost forgot about the museums - though I am wondering how much of the artifacts belong to them, but same question can go to the Louvre as well [...]

People do drink [a lot] around here. It is also part of the culture, and that is why they have all these awesome pubs at each corner, but instead of enjoying others company at a table, they prefer to stand outside. Whatever! I have more tables for myself.

The tube (metro) and the public transport (busses) is simply amazing, one of the best, though the AC in the tube is non-existent. However, with their crazy weather is acceptable.  Brits are rather tolerant and helpful, and of course their English is a bit more English than ours, conveying to some of them a certain charm.  And they smoke a lot, way more than in US. The bobbies (police officers) do not wear side arms, and it is so nice to see that you can keep 12M people under control without pointing guns on them. 

Altogether, I am completely enjoying my time in this city, the food is great (not the British though), and the beers and all sort of ciders just make my day.  Rule Britannia!